Returnable & Reusable Packaging (PP Box)

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    Returnable & Reusable Packaging (PP Box)

    Implementing a reusable packaging system means that you replace a one way packaging with a returnable solution. Once arrived at final destination, these boxes must be collected and sent back to the distribution point. The use of collapsible packaging makes the return freight a minor cost factor. However to successfully implement this system it is important that you have a limited number of distribution points. This way you can keep track of your packaging and minimize the losses. It is also important to have a reasonable amount of cycles in your goods flow. Having more cycles a year means you need fewer boxes in the system, thus reducing your investment amount.

    In most cases returnable packaging is designed to be collapsible, in order to reduce costs for return shipments. A returnable packaging solution is usually combined with customized inner packaging to secure and protect the goods.

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