Color Masterbathces


Plasmix manufactures customizable colour masterbatches in India - Color is a language that speaks volumes about brand identity, product differentiation, and consumer perception in the world of plastics. It is more than just a visual characteristic. By enabling plastics to communicate a symphony of colors, tints, and tones that captivate the eye and raise product value, Plasmix Color Masterbatch elevates this language to a new level.

"Plasmix: Where Colors Come Alive, Vibrant and True!"

At Plasmix,color is carefully sculpted rather than simply applied. The first step in our procedure is choosing the best pigments, which are chosen for their vibrancy, stability, and compatibility with a variety of polymers. Within a carrier resin, these pigments go through a smooth blending process to produce a color masterbatch that is not only vivid but also consistent batch after batch.

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The Fundamentals of Color Masterbatch Technology

The fundamentals of color masterbatch technology are explained in Crafting Colors. A range of alluring colors are produced using Color Masterbatch Technology, a precise blending technique that combines science, art, and precision. The art of color blending, which guarantees uniform dispersion and consistency and captures the essence of every hue, is at the heart of this technique.

The Symphony of Manufacturing: From Pigments to Perfection:

The selection of pigments that fit the required color profile is the first step in the procedure. These pigments, known for their vibrancy and stability, are added to a carrier resin that has been selected with care. Pigments are cooperatively blended with the resin matrix to create masterbatch pellets that are the definition of color brilliance



1) Solid Colour masterbatch:

Basic Color Masterbatch embraces versatility and simplicity, recognizing the value of both. It provides a spectrum of necessary hues, each one serving as a cornerstone for the development of artistic expression. They are appropriate for a wide range of applications since these colors have familiarity and universality.

Creating Color's Language: The production process:

Precision and inventiveness are used in the creation of Basic Color Masterbatch:

Color Pigments: Choosing color pigments that accurately represent the essence of primary colors is crucial.

Integration of the Carrier Resin: These pigments are expertly mixed with a carrier resin to create a concentrated mixture that perfectly captures the desired color.

Pelletization: It is the process of converting a combination into Basic Color Masterbatch pellets, which capture the essence of each color.