White Masterbathces


A type of polymer, white masterbatches impart whiteness, brightness, and opacity to the finished products. Many compounds, including titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, zinc sulphide, and antimony oxide, are employed to give plastics these qualities. Due to its distinctive qualities, such as its high refractive index and average particle size, titanium dioxide is primarily utilised in plastic applications (0.19-0.22 micron).

White masterbatches sold under the Dai A brand are made from titanium dioxide of the highest grade, which has exceptional optical qualities including colour, undertone, and opacifying or tinting strength. This titanium dioxide has a special surface finish that allows for good dispersion over plastics while having no impact on the polymer's rheological properties.

Specialty additives are found in white masterbatches, which make resin compatible with titanium pigment and provide the ideal hue for the finished product. Based on the amount of titanium dioxide (up to 70%), we have a wide range of white masterbatches.

Plasmix range of White Masterbatches are manufactured with high quality and micronized Titanium Dioxide with specific base resin and additive for best suitability in end application. Our expertise in this domain has also enabled us to offer wide range of White Masterbatches, which render maximum whiteness index, dispersion and opacity to a product.


The Quality of White Masterbatches

Our White Masterbatches are manufactured with state-of-the art technology , high quality raw material and our Industry expertise with wide range of grades.

Based on each of inquiries of clients, our white masterbatches are variable in pigment content that fluctuate from 20% to over 80% that combine with PE polyethylene resin and hand-picked additives for each time of running machines.

Plasmix White Masterbatches

Depending on the application, PE, PP, PS & EVA base carriers are used to create our products . Our clients can select the right grade of their choice , we offer pure whites & whites with bluish undertone. Product range has grades starting from 50% to 75% of TiO2 depending on the customer’s end application requiements .

With the presence of Premium grades of TiO2,reflection of light is good due to scattering of light to a greater extent. This results in excellent opacity, reinfocing brightness & delivering the best print appearance on the substrate



Injection moulding has a number of advantages in the production of plastics. Injection moulding is highly productive, efficient, and able to handle extremely complicated pieces with consistency.



High-tech fabrics constructed of fibres known as "non-wovens" are frequently utilised in arts and crafts. These materials are safer, more enduring, and recyclable. Utilize Plasmix masterbatches because they have a low sulphur content, a high jetness, and a nice gloss.



By utilising a layer of molten resin extruded through a computer-controlled extruder, extrusion lamination joins two films. Polypropylene raffia, often known as PP raffia, is a type of packaging material created by weaving polypropylene ribbons.



BOPP films (Biaxially Oriented PolyPropylene Films) are produced by stretching polypropylene film in both machine direction and transverse direction. BOPP film is used in vast range of applications comprising packaging, labeling and lamination.



Plastic Thermoforming is a plastic manufacturing process that applies a force (vacuum or pressure) to stretch a sheet of heated thermoplastic material (thermo) over an engineered mold to create a 3-dimensional shape or part (forming).



Blow Moulded water tanks are made of HDPE , process by which they are formed , enables limitless design possibilities & inherent design strengths( like ribs) in water tanks.

Plasmix TiO2 / White Masterbatches Advantages

Product Name & CodeCarrier ResinTiO2%Monolayer FilmsMultilayer FilmsBOPP FilmsWater TanksBlow moulded can, DrumsInjection MouldingNon WovenRaffiaOthers
PM - 5132 - B.WHITEPE50✔✔
PM - 7215 - Cream PE 50 ✔ ✔
PM - 7236 - WHITE PE 50 ✔
PM - 7248 - MARRON PE 50 ✔ ✔
PM - 7269 - Cream PE 50 ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
PM - 7310 - BEACH WHITE PE 50 ✔
PM - 7311 - MILKY WHITE PE 50 ✔
PM - 9004 - WHITE PE 65 ✔ ✔ ✔
PM - 9049 - WHITE PE 65 ✔ ✔
PM - 9146 - PP CP WHITE PE 70 ✔ ✔
PM - 9148 - WHITE PE 70 ✔
PM - 9278 - WHITE PE 70 ✔ ✔
PM 70 VM-160 PE 70 ✔ ✔