Raffia/ Woven Sack

Woven Sack / Raffia Applications

Plasmix Provides all types of woven sack products solutions like cost, quality & properties etc. It is most widely used for packaging in bulk commodity, and it is flexible. woven fabrics are very strong that’s why woven sack bag will be used multiple times.

PP Woven small bags are used to package a wide variety of materials like animal feed, cement, ceramics, talk, seeds, and sands etc. Some additional benefits to using a woven polypropylene bag include:

The used PP yarns used are more robust than regular PE plastic PP Bags are resistant to wear & tear of the weather and do not degrade in the wet state

Features based on its Anatomy:

Top Finish:

  • * Heat Cut
  • * Zigzag Cut
  • * Cold Cut
  • * Overlock Seam


  • * Single folded single sewn
  • * Single folded double sewn
  • * Double folded single sewn
  • * Double folded double sewn

Polyethylene inner bag

  • * Free inserted
  • * Sewn with base seam
  • * Sewn with the top seam
  • * Cuffed at top


  • * Tubular
  • * Lay flat width: 36 cm to 1220 cm
  • * Weight: 60 gr/m2 to 150 gr/m2

PP Raffia is a widely used packaging material made from weaving thin strips / tapes of polypropylene. It is named after the raffia palm, which the packaging emulates to some extent. Polypropylene raffia is considered to be a "widely used material for atmospheric capture".

Advantages of Woven Sack

  • Dependable and Powerful: Due to its production process and substance, woven sacks are extremely tough and resilient when made using polypropylene. This lowers the possibility of wear and damage both during storage and transportation.
  • Moisture resistant: Since PP woven sacks can be laminated, they’re less vulnerable to moisture. This benefit ensures that contents stored in the sack, as well as the sack itself, is safe should it be exposed to high humidity or rain.
  • Used for bulky items: PP woven sacks are gusseted, hence, allowing for storage of bulk items easily making them a great go-to option for industries involved in the manufacture, storing, or transporting heavy/large products.
  • Partially transparent: Sometimes there might be a need for bags that are see-through so that the products can be seen. Woven PP sacks can be manufactured in a way that they are slightly transparent making them an ideal choice for many storage needs.
  • Reusable: One of the biggest advantages of PP sacks is that they can be reused, hence, reducing wastage. This also makes them an environmentally friendly option.