UV Masterbathces


UV Masterbatches shield polymers from UV deterioration, prevent discoloration, and enhance processability. UV Stabilizer Masterbatches ensure great performance and stabilised mechanical characteristics and elongation since they do not absorb the damaging UV radiations. It also avoids crazing and chalking effect. Ideal for large bags, irrigation films, and other rotomolding products.

The consumer is guided through our standard colour masterbatch by the exhibition of numerous colour shades in our film catalogue (film samples in colour shade book). They were created under industrial production circumstances utilising a 20:1 letdown (5% in traditional LDPE film resin). The film is 50 microns thick (2.0 mils).

As requested by the customer, provide a working master batch and specially formulated chemical. For the plastic processing market, ULTRA-PLAS is a reputable custom formulator and compounder.Plastics that have absorbed UV light may excite photons, which subsequently produce free radicals. The formation of oxygen hydro peroxides by free radicals in the presence of oxygen can cause the double bonds in the backbone chain to break, creating a brittle structure. A common name for this process is photo-oxidation.



No negative effects and property of UV Stabilizer Masterbatches


UV Masterbatches are protected by long-lasting polymers.


Offers lower cost and/or a longer service life.


Low volatility, limited colour contribution, and extraction resistance