Blow Moulding Tanks

Blow Moulded Tanks

In the process of blow moulding a water tank, a heated hollow is filled with a charge, or shot weight, of crushed material made of LLDPE and coloured additives. The main benefits of blow-molded water tanks include inexpensive machinery setup costs, rust resistance, corrosion resistance, customizable wall thickness, and others.

When the lid of a blow-moulded tank is lifted, the number of edges within the tank may be counted to determine the number of layers, which are typically two to three. These layers have qualities including long-term durability, UV resistance, leak resistance, antimicrobial, and antioxidant (heat resistance).

As a well established Masterbatches manufacturer in India, having established our operations since 1989, we provide complete range of Masterbatches required for manufacturing of Water Tanks as given below.

Our masterbatches have been specifically designed to work with HDPE blow-moulded water tanks that have a long lifespan and are, to the fullest degree possible, defect-free. Our materials enhance the aesthetics, protection against environmental stressors and moisture, colour, opacity, UV and heat resistance, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, and prolonged durability for many years of Multi-layered tanks, which are in increasing demand.

UV Protection

Most items are constructed of polyethylene, which is shielded from the sun's dangerous UV rays. In actuality, the sun's ultraviolet rays cause items to deteriorate over time and fade swiftly.

Environmental Impact

As no chemicals or harmful substances are emitted throughout the process, there is no environmental impact. As they are completely recyclable, it is easy to lower carbon footprints.

New Technologies

Its technology is widely used, making it one of the sectors with the fastest growth during the past ten years. Rotational moulding has a lot of benefits, including less environmental effect.

Lower Residual

It has the benefit that the mould needs finished elements like coloured plastics, internal pipes, and metal threads added to it before heating. This implies that for each piece of recycled plastic.

Advantages of Using
Plasmix Masterbatches for Blow Moulding Solutions

  • Capability to handle complicated parts
  • Rapid Productivity
  • Increased Strength
  • Tensile strength is increased
  • Productivity is really high.
  • Low Costs